Famous People in Deadwood

Wild Bill Hickock: “A Legend in his own right, Bill was a drifter throughout the west, mostly in Kansas where he’s been a lawman in one way or another. He’s also a reputable gambler, but his hobby might just be his undoing. On August 2ed 1876, Bill was shot in the head and died instantly. Since then there has been some words said around town sayin’ that he’s walkin, but no one’s seen him yet”

Seth Bullock: “A Reputable man who is the Sheriff of the Town. Seth is known to be trustworthy and always thinkin about others. Heck he’s the one who convinced General Kang to send rails to this town, i think. Just be careful that he doesn’t get his eyes on you, you’ll be watched from here to Devil’s Tower if you do”

Reverend Henry Weston Smith: “The good reverend is the first of his kind here in Deadwood, gives a sermon every sunday in front of the General Store here on Main Street. Durring the rest of the week he gets by from small jobs, though i reckon that he tips from the bottle a bit much if you know what i mean. He does smell quite a bit like the devil’s drink”

Samuel Fields: “Just indited for some robbery or rape, good ol’ General Fields was one of them black and blue boys who worked for the union while the union was still pointing their guns at the grays. Now he was never no general from what i heard, in fact i heard he was court marshalled for some reason, we just like to remind him to stay in his place”

Dr. Valentine McGillicuddy: "Now him and Crazy Horse, they good friends, fact he’s probably more like the whitest indian i ever did see. He’s set up shop here in town as the town’s doctor, but he always walks around in cloth made from those souix dress in, chants something while he bandaged me up one day.

E. B. Farnum: "Now there’s a guy who’ll get you what you need when you need it. Mr. Farnum can get you anything you want, i even hear he’s established a connection with the Smith and Weston company, though anything he gets will still be very expensive for us. While he’s the General Store owner, he’s also the Mayor. Built a fire house for us as well as a pest house when that small pox came through. It’s all on this side of the tracks for easy access. Them chinks got their own ways they can be proud of.

Famous People in Deadwood

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